Guitar Strings As Acoustic Guitar Accessories

Of all of the acoustic guitar accessories that a guitar player will continually invest in are the guitar strings. It's like putting fuel into your car. The strings need to be clean and sharp which means buying a new set when the old ones no longer perform. You can tell when you need new strings first by looking at the old ones. They may appear dirty and even a little green in color. Another way to tell that you need to change acoustic guitar strings is the fact that they often go out of tune, and you may have trouble keeping them in tune. The best way to tell is by the flat sound that they produce. They no longer have the rich full sound that they had when they were new.

Some people boil their old strings in water to clean them. I've never tried that, but wonder if they rust easily, especially the wound strings. How do you completely remove the water between the coils?

Acoustic guitar strings generally come in three gauges. There are more gauges but we'll talk about the basic three. Light, Medium, and heavy. I used to use heavy gauge strings when I had my Martin D-28 and played a lot of bluegrass music. I've never used medium gauge strings so I can't comment on them. I have been using light gauge guitar strings for the last few years because they are easy on the fingers and I still get a rich sound.

I was a big fan of Guild Phosphor Bronze strings for years but found that most any phosphor bronze wound acoustic guitar string is just as good in my opinion. I now use Darco strings which is made by Martin and find them to be just as good, and they last a long time. They are also cheaper in price. I can get three sets for $10 at my local guitar store.

Of all of the acoustic guitar accessories that you buy, you will become most familiar with the guitar strings. Experiment with the different types, gauges, and brands to see what suits your pleasure. Whatever you decide in the end, chances are that you will stay with your choice for years.